Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Rerecord Brands in North Dakota

They're rerecording everywhere! Rerecord in Montana. Rerecord in North Dakota. Below is a press release from the ND Stockmens' about their process and you can read again about rerecording your brand in Montana.


For Immediate Release
Feb. 12, 2010
Julie Ellingson, executive vice president

Keely Spilde, brand recorder

Sheyna Strommen, communications director

North Dakota brand renewal period begins in August 2010
Brandowners asked to provide current address to recording office

North Dakota requires brands to be renewed every five years, and, by law, brands will expire after Dec. 31, 2010.

Now, registered brandowners have a new tool to ensure their renewal paperwork gets mailed to their current address. The re-designed North Dakota Stockmen’s Association (NDSA) website, www.ndstockmen.org, offers an online brand book that is searchable by letters, symbols or numbers. Its listings include the brand, the brandowner, his or her address on file, and the registered placement of the brand on livestock, similar to the printed version.

The new tool will help brandowners determine if their correct address is on file at the NDSA. "If a brandowner has moved or if his or her address has changed within the last five years, chances are the address on file is no longer valid," said NDSA Brand Recorder Keely Spilde.

It is the brandowner’s responsibility to update address information with the brand recording department.

Brands that are not renewed within the brand renewal period, Aug. 1, 2010 to Dec. 31, 2010, may not be eligible for renewal due to potential conflicts with other recorded brands. "That is why it is so imperative that the renewal paperwork gets mailed to the brandowner’s correct address – to give North Dakota brandowners the opportunity to renew their brands as they wish," she said.

Spilde said if a brandowner’s address has changed since 2005, he or she should call the NDSA at (701) 223-2522 or e-mail brands@ndstockmen.org to update it.

Registered brandowners should watch for their renewal applications to arrive in mid-August 2010.
Currently, more than 22,000 brands are registered in North Dakota.
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