Thursday, January 28, 2010


Finally Finished Combining!! WooHoo!! Course they got done on January 4th, I am just running late on posting. Unfortunately this is the only picture I got the Corn Combining Crew 2009-2010. But I should tell you I had to bust through 2 snow drifts to get to the field. Yep, I didn't follow tracks, I made my own path! T got spend several hours helping Big D combine. Thank goodness for portable DVD players and her stash of movies. It was so cold that day. I shall also repeat that combining in the dead of winter creates the same crabby mood that can arrive while farming in regular farming months!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dreaming of Summer...

Snow. Cold. Blowing Snow. Windshield factors. No visiblility. Snow drifts. Flickering power. No sunshine. Plowing snow. Frozen water tanks.

Makes ya dream of summer, doesn't it.

K & T taking in the branding

T swimming

Big T playing in the dirt at branding

Lil' T loving on a baby calf


I didn't get any pics of the last few days of the blowing snow, but will post some pictures of the after. I did not go to work yesterday as I couldn't see anything. Big D spent most of the morning plowing and blowing snow. I am thankful that we were one of the lucky ones and did not loose eletricity. My sister in North Dakota didn't have eletricity for several days, generator was down and ended up with frozen pipes and water everywhere. Ughhh. This is when we need to be very thankful for our lineman and say a prayer for their safety

HSUS again....

Seems that the HSUS is working its 'magic' again. I read in several place today that HSUS has purchased shares in both Steak 'n Shake and Jack in the Box restaurants. I know it won't be hard for me to go to these places as there are none even close to me. Here is a link to a site that is quite informative: Advocates for Ag

More on Yellow Tail

Check out this blog and her comments on Yellow Tail and HSUS

I shall pass on the Yellow Tail.

I like wine. I like trying new wines. I am not very educated in wines, I just know what I like and what I don't.

I know I will not be purchasing any Yellow Tail wines from here on out.

Yellowtail Wines have become a sponsor of the Human Society of the US. Just great. Their website states that through "tails for tails" Yellow Tail wine will be donating $100,000 to the HSUS.

Friday, January 22, 2010


Computer crashed. Got new computer. New computer was messed up. I am FINALLY back up and running. And it's storming outside. We are lucky though as we still electricity. My sister in North Dakota has been without for a day or so and no signs of getting it back soon. She said it was scaring driving home from work because the power lines were down all over and she was on the look out for ones laying across the road. It's not our first storm. We're ranchy. Bought some extra milk in town. Made sure I had some beer. Got the lanterns out. Flashlights. Cows all got fed today. Horses were taken a hay bale yesterday. They are in the hills. If we do loose electricity we do have a fire place so will stay warm. I have to say though I wouldn't move to town for nothing!