Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Another Sign of Spring

Another sign of spring......

The sight of wet, muddy pants. How did that happen you wonder? Easy. Take one very independent curious 3 year old, add warm snow-melting day, throw in corrals with cows and horses scattered about, and most importantly some big water/mud/corral crap puddles covered with a very thin sheet of ice on top. Then you must proceed to tell 3 year old to say over by the fence while you sort horses and catch hers, and to walk around the big puddle because she will fall and slip. She never did cry, she just sat there and told me "this is 'isgussing'". That would be her word for disgusting!

After her little episode and we got her cleaned up and changed she then demanded to wear her coveralls outside!

Picture of T riding Fred for the first timet this spring.

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