Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Irrigating with Daddy

Me & TC went irrigating with her daddy the other night. She wasn't quite sure of that water spraying everywhere, but her curiosity had her checking things out. I snapped a few pictures I thought I would share. Oh, and that would be wheat we are irrigating in this picture. And if my husband finds out I posted pictures of him in his 'irrigating uniform he's not going to be too happy with me!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Good Morning, Morning

Today marks second branding in 3 days and starts a 4 day stretch of branding. I really do enjoy branding season. Its one of my favorite times of year. At the end of a branding day, a person feels like they have accomplished a big job that can be quite overwhelming and the time spent branding is spent with friends and family.

Branding can be a little stressful, especially when it's your big day! As our branding day get closer one keeps really hoping mother nature cooperates and the day doesn't get rained out and you have reschedule. Lots of time and thought have been spent planning the perfect menu to feed your crew, making sure you are serving good food, something they aren't tired of, and that there's enough of it. Coolers get packed with pop, water and beer on ice. The designated vet cooler is found and prepped. Branding stove and irons have to be located and rounded up. And don't forget the propane!

Just when you know you have everything ready you figure out the vaccine gun is leaking or the cows decided to make a new hole in the fence and the gather just got bigger!

I still love branding season!

Friday, June 8, 2012

2012 RM Bar Branding

Another year another branding is in the books. All that's left to do is to eat some leftovers and haul the garbage out of the garage and picking up tables and chairs.

This years branding was a success. Things went so smooth and we had more than enough help to get cows worked and calves all branded up. I have to say my calves look a lot better this spring than they did last spring.

I played the sister-in-law card and my wonderful sis-in-law came over and helped me keep my sanity! I left her in charge of my kids and to finish things up in the kitchen for me so I could finish getting branding supplies gathered up and the bovines rounded up. My sister-in-law rocks!

I snapped a few pictures yesterday. I will share more later. Happy Branding!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Branding in Montana

We branded a bunch of calves last Saturday my Uncle Terry's. We pulled out the chuck wagon & used it for shade for the babies and then, of course, we used it to help serve supper!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Good Gravy!!!  4 months later maybe I finally gots everything fixed, the kinks worked out, and all electronic devices talking to each other!!  But don't hold your breathe!

I miss blogging!  I have a list of ideas and things I want to blog about.  Here's hoping I can really do have things up and working correctly and can do that!

Been busy here this spring.

*Farming.  Planted 4000 acres of our own, plus some custom stuff
*Garden is semi planted
*Playhouse/tack room building is being constructed.
*We know have a bum calf named Charlie
*Someone in our family got a new saddle, and it wasn't me!
*Took a day trip with my girls to the Bucking Horse Sale
*I heart Twitter!
*I also heart Instagram
*I am on a kick of planning my meals/menu week in advance, and am loving it.

Hope to talk to you soon.  I am off to bed, as we have a big day of branding tomorrow!