Thursday, March 4, 2010

My Favorite Season

One of my favorite seasons is fast approaching.

Calving Season

*It brings Hope
*It brings New Life
*Supplies us with some new stories to tell
*Cracking the good ol' dependable horse out
*Cracking the 'we got a ways to go' horse out
*Taking bets on which horse is gonna buck with you first
*Slopping around in the mud. snow. rain. dust.
*Pulling a calf to save its life
*The smile on a little kid when they get to love a baby calf
*Getting up in the middle of the night to check one heifer
*Jumping fences and swearing that this is the year she gets sold
*Fresh Air

I just can't wait for Calving Season!

After after Calving Season comes another favorite season.

*Catching up with neighbors
*Enjoying good food
*Shaking the cobwebs off your rope
*Teaching the rookies how to flip a calf

*Observing the result of you sleepless hours during calving
*Cold Beer
*Listening to the Calving Stories being told
*Playing the gambling game of 'which bull calves not to cut'
*Accomplishing a big task with the help of your neighbors and friends

*Watching that cowkid finally get a chance in the roping pen after years of begging
*Seeing the ol' timer make his way in to brand at least one calf
*Listening to that same ol' timer tell his version of 'back in my day' stories
*Watching a parent pass on knowledge to the next generation
*Watching a parent teach a new skill to the next generation

*Laughing the next generation get knocked on their ass, because some things can't be taught.

*Laughing even harder because many times it was yourself getting knocked on their ass

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