Saturday, May 10, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!  Now, honestly I love the thought behind Mother's Day.  But truthfully, good bad or otherwise, it's usually just another day.  Now don't get me wrong, I don't forget to acknowledge my mother or grandmother, it's just that we don't do fancy dinners, or day the spa or any of those things that Hallmark and tv commercials tell us we have to.

Growing up, most of my Mom's Mother's Day were spent either at a rodeo, branding, going for a ride through the calving pasture, or we helped her get the garden ready.  Now, there were gifts, or fresh crocuses plucked from the pasture and presented to her in a old cup found in the garage.  We would make cards.  It's just the way it is and was.

Now that I am a mom, I really don't expect or want much.  We are usually farming, of course still calving and what ever else needs to be done around here.  Hubby will usually make me biscuits and gravy for breakfast (my fave) if time allows, or I get an IOU.  I am ok with that.  Last year when I was asked what I wanted for Mother's Day, I informed my family of 2 things.  1 was that Tally and I could go for a horse ride and 2 was just to spend some time and go tag calves together as a family.

I thought I would take a few moments of your time and introduce you to the Mother's in my life.

Now of course there's my mom, Mother Tracey.  She's tough, strong, stubborn and bossy, and still with us.  She has lived 12 years longer than any doctor gave her when she was first diagnosed.

Mother Tracey and Mother Marilyn
Mother Marilyn!  In no way is she related to our family, but when her and her husband became friends with my parents....she became Mother Marilyn.  She's been there through the good times, bad times, fun times, wedding, baby times.

Me and Mother Marilyn, wagon train circa 2009
My mother in law, Canova.  I have said many times that I won the lottery when it came to mother in laws.  She's a great friend, great mother, great mother in law and an awesome grandma to my children.

Ruth Ann was one of the first neighbors my parents met when we moved to North Dakota.  I spent so much time at her house through grade school and high school that she probably disciplined me as much as my parents.  Her oldest son is one of my best friends, and was a part of my wedding.  Ruth Ann also made a beautiful cake for our wedding.

Now that I have children there are 'mothers' in my kids' life that I would be lost without.  They have given me advice, helped with babysitting, given me advice.  They've laughed at me whenever I tell whatever recent shenanigans  my kids have pulled, and are just there whenever needed.  Most have kids way older than mine, and some didn't even have kids when I had my first.  The saying 'it takes a village to raise a child' is so true, and I have come to believe and rely on that.

Laura, friend, babysitter, and everything else.  
Me and Tam.....there's nothing we can't talk about or bitch about when it comes to life and our kids. 
No matter what you do or how you do it, thank your mom tomorrow.  Thank those moms that treat you like one of their own.  A simple phone call or text is worth a lot.

Lauri, she's takes my kids, helps me out and lends me her daughter to take on road trips to babysit.  

Pamela, a great friend, cousin, and god mother! 

Uncle Jess, (no that's not a typo, kids same the darndest things).  Sister in law, god mother and she's got my back when I need help or a babysitter.  Thank God she moved closer and is willing to help with my crazy kids. 

Wild Bunch.  These gals rock and have been and are awesome to my kids.  They help. they discipline and they give this mama a break.

I am truly blessed. 

Happy Mothers Day to all my Mom's and every other Mom out there.

Disclaimer; there are plenty more other mom's out there that help me out that I didn't mention or find pictures of.  All help me tremendously to help make my world keep going around and my kids happy.  

Friday, May 9, 2014

Adventure, Part 2

Well, I survived the plane rides.  We made it to Cabo and home in one piece.  The sun was amazing down there!!  We saw lots, drank lots and soaked up the sun lots.

I am a few months behind on posting these pictures, but still wanted to share.  Fun in the sun

Toes in the water....

What a blast we had on this ship.  Drinks, dinner cruise, live entertainment.  If you find yourself down in Cabo, I highly recommend an evening on The Caborey

It was prime whale watching season.  

Drinks in hand, again!

The third most photographed place in the world, Lovers Arch

I absolutely LOVE this picture of Lovers Arch

Lovers Beach

Being photo bombed my a spring breaker!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Spring in Montana

Mother Nature isn't letting up.  April Snow Showers will bring May flowers, right?  Snow in May? Sure, why not!

 Now, why were are truly grateful for the moisture she is giving us, couldn't Mother Nature at least warm up by 20* and send us this much needed moisture in the form of warm spring rains?

Here is a few snapshots I have taken in the last couple of weeks.  Sadly, this is the most snow we have had all winter.

Wet, cold horses begging for some hay

Mama taking care of her brand new baby

Hubby filling hay feeders for the heifers calves

Snow covered hay bales kind of makes for a pretty picture

Black and white

TC enjoying the snow and helping do chores

nom nom nom 

slushy, watery muddy mess

Tearing into the bales before they got put into the feeder