Saturday, March 8, 2014

Adventure, Part 1

Hubby & I are headed into new territory for the next week.  My sister & her boyfriend finally talked us into vacationing with them in Mexico.  It took some planning and saving and budgeting and farming out the kids, but we are on our way to Mexico. 

 Due to flight plans and whatever, we got to spend the day in Denver wasting time. Now Denver rained and snowed on us all day, but we still had a fun filled day. 

 It has been quite the experience for me. I got on a plane for only the second time in my life. Had to maneuver airport and find baggage claim.  Took a questionable cab ride to downtown Denver. Spent the day walking and looking and stopping to drink adult beverage. Rode Denver's electric train to different part of town to eat at the oldest steakhouse in Denver. Thankfully got a great cab ride back to motel room.  

It's been a lot of learning for me today. Lots of fun and relaxation also. Now I need to chill out in out motel room and muster up the courage to survive the plane ride in the morning without incident.