Saturday, March 20, 2010

Reasons to Celebrate Ag Day

Here are a couple or reasons to recognize - and celebrate - Ag Day each year:

*Everyone has to eat!
Increased knowledge of agriculture and nutrition allows individuals to make informed personal choices about diet and health.

*Informed citizens make informed policies. Informed policy-making will support a competitive agricultural industry in this country and abroad.

*A strong ag economy generates jobs! Employment opportunities exist across the board in agriculture. Career choices include:
- farm production
- agribusiness management and marketing
- agricultural research and engineering
- food science and technology
- food processing and retailing
- banking and finance
- education
- landscape architecture and forestry
- biofuels and biotechnology
Because agriculture touches everyone, a general understanding for its practices is necessary and beneficial for everyone to know -- not just for the people who produce the world's food supply.

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