Saturday, March 13, 2010

Health Insurance

Don't those two words just make you cringe? Health insurance is a nightmare. Health insurance gives me a headache. Health insurance is a beast. Health insurance is the only reason I am still working this job that I hate. But lately the health insurance benefits are not outweighing me staying at this job. My employer has changed insurance on us two or three times in 4 years. The insurance we have now is awful. They are a nightmare to work with. This is the same insurance we had while I was in the hospital delivering T. The same insurance company that wasn't going to pay anything and stuck with with $10,000 worth of hospital bills. It was a mess. I had the state insurance commissioner on it and everything. It was horrible. It still makes me mad and sick to think about it.

Between not liking my job and no longer having good health insurance through my employment, I am always looking at health insurance options. The other day I read a headline that caught my eye: Montana Farm Bureau launches health insurance plans for members. MFB has teamed up with New West Health services and has given its members options for individual health care and employee health care.

Now, I know nothing more than what the article states. But it's an option worth looking into. It's up to you to decide if it is a good option for you, your family and your employees. I think I may just check into it.

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