2014 Goals
1.  Be a better blogger

2.  Keep up on bookwork monthly

3.  Exercise 4 times a week.

4.  Participate in 2 fun run/walks.

5.  Expand my garden.

6.  When packing stuff up for new house, weed through and get rid of excess stuff.

7.  Play more with the girls.

8.  Ride horse more.  

9.  Work barrel pattern on Squirt and 6pack.

10.  Do a giveaway on my blog.

11.  Ride bike more often with the girls.

12.  Go camping with the family.

13.  Put money into savings account every month.

14.  MBA, give it a shot again.  Kids interrupted the first time.

2012 Goals

1. Be a better Blogger.

2.  Start and Finish MBA

3.  Keep working on getting office, book work, and house organized.

4.  Treadmill or other exercise everyday.

5.  Take 4 trips this year.  Day trips count!  (1 trip down!)

6.  Keep current on farm and personal book work.

7.  Keep working on picture taking.

8.  Plan out and plant another garden this year.  2011's garden was a success!

9.  Learn more and try different canning recipes with produce from garden.

10.  Horses. Horses. Horses.  Ride the young ones more.  Ride with Tally more.  Learn more.

2011 Goals

I keep reading that it's best to write down your goals, so you have daily reminders of what you are working for.  So here goes!

1.  Lose 50 pounds. (have lost 30 lbs thus far)

2.  Stick with exercise program  (it's hard, but so far so good)

3.  Start and Finish my Masters of Beef Advocacy

4.  Get office organized

5.  Stay up to date on book work

6.  Take 3 roads trips with my girlfriends  
          1 one trip down.  Drove to Great Falls to see PW

7.  Go riding with Tally
          We have went some, but need to do more.

8.  Build a bigger garden.
          Garden got built!!

9.  Work to make bigger garden produce
          Mother Nature is working against me, but I we are gardening along.

10.  Find a new job
            Done.  Now stay home on the place full time, helping Big D and with my kids!

11.  Sew.  Don't care what or how big of projects.  Just sew.

12.  Get caught up on Tally's scrapbook

13.  Start scrapbook for Tenley

14.  Get caught up on family scrapbook

15.  Learn more and work at taking better pictures

16.  Keep working with Squirt (my young horse)
              Got a tiny bit done.  Spring weather was not cooperative.  But am excited to keep riding him

17.  Go riding with Tally
              See how important this one is to me!

18.  Keep blog updated.

19.  Add more goals as I see fit!