Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas Beauty Swap

Wow!  What a fun beauty swap!  Not only was I paired up with a fellow Montanan, my partner lives in Ekalaka!  Yes, Ekalaka!  Not only is Ekalaka fun to say, it's my old stomping, growing up, having fun grounds, and one of my favorite places!  Southeast Montana and Southwest North Dakota really do hold many fun and awesome memories.  

Ya know it's going to be a great day when you (I) get a card from Ekalaka!!
My partner, Michael, is a recent graduate of SDSU, and works at local paper doing graphics, and helping around the place.  We did most of our communicating via text, and got to know each other before figuring out what to place in that box to mail out!

Such a fun box!
Michael sent me such a fun box!  I mean, the gal sent me a can kookie, it's like she really got me!  :)

We discussed how neither one of us are really good at getting that smokey eye look down, so she sent me this eye shadow, to see if I can get it to work.  I have tried the lipstick, and love.  Not to bold, but fun.  The sample of bright bold lipstick, I'm going to rock at Christmas.   I love Mary Kay products, and this goodies that Michael sent me, I haven't tried that product or particular color.  And like Michael pointed out, if the lip gloss, or lip stick color turns out not to be for 'me', then (as long as dad approves) I can play makeover with the girls! 


She included in my box, a fun new kitchen towel. Michael wrote that 'they are made by a local gal here and just cute.  That chick is my favorite part.'  Thanks!

I mean really, 'nuff said.  She sent me a can koozie, PLUS it says Ekalaka on it.  Some maybe shaking there head and I'm over here all 'be still my heart!'.

Love this stuff!!  And perfect size to throw in my bag for holiday travels.

This stuff equals amazing!!  Holy cow!!  This body butter feels amazing and works amazing on my hands.  Just started using it on my feet.  Wow.

One of the coolest things about my partner and the box she sent was that she bought everything local!  How cool is that!  

Thanks to  Crystal from Crystal Cattle and Melanie from The Traveling Cowgirl

Merry Christmas to all!!

OH!!  I almost forgot!  Michael shared a couple of her favorite recipes with me!  Pumpkin Bars, and Fudge Brownies!  I almost think they need their own blog post!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Writers Block

I've been a bad blogger!

I've tried, no words would come.

Finally I had a deadline and had to choice to write.

Here's the link to my piece 'Burning Daylight' I just wrote for Rural Housewives Blog 

Here's hoping I have jarred loose that writers block, and the words and stories will start to flow.