Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Days Gone By

I love old stuff. I really love old stuff that is related to farming, ranching and cowboying. 

I love taking a new trail through a pasture and discovering things from days gone by. It always make me smile and wonder how my discovery came to be left and forgotten in that specific spot.  Did the owner become fed up and walk away?  Did they buy a new piece to replace what they had been using?  Oh the stories that have been forgotten.  

We took a drive to check a water tank the other night and I took these two pictures.  Both pieces sitting stately, proudly if not a bit sadly on the prairie. 

 I wonder what stories these two forgotten pieces of history could tell us? 

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Mother's Day Skincare Saturday

Looking for a gift that gives results for that special Mother(s) in your life?

How about some R + F skin care products!  You can help them feel and look younger, a great gift for mothers day.

We've got several skin regimens ready for you Mother, along with sunscreens, hand creams, and more. 

Tana Berwick R + F  is my website where you can browse and check out our products.  Drop a comment here, or shoot me an email or phone call, I will help you put together a great package for mom!  

Reminder to my Canadian friends, R + F has now launched in Canada!  These wonderful products are available to you along with business opportunities.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Horse Therapy

Spring time = horse time!   Horse time = happy mama and kids!

Our horseshoer came the other day, so we took the opportunity to have some horse therapy!  Horses are good for the soul, the mind and the attitude!

Reunited and feels so good!

"Don't tell Papa I'm riding in shorts!"
Brushing Preacher, to make him Beautiful!

You can't even tell he's a beautiful palomino!  Squirt has always loved the mud, but this is a bit extreme!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Crystal Cattle Beauty Swap

What a fun beauty swap!!!  Crystal Cattle hosted a beauty swap, 30th Birthday Edition!   I was teamed up with Dalynn Ramsay, and what a match we were!  Great match and great fun!  

Dalynn farms and ranches with her husband and 2 little ones in Saskatchewan.  My neighbor to the north.  Our lives and preferences were quite similar, and we both love cows!  If farming and ranching with her husband, 2 littles running around didn't keep her busy enough, Dalynn also runs an independent agronomy company from home.  You go girl!

My beauty swap  box contained all kinds of fun things and surprises.  It was so fun!

Fun beauty swap box from Dalynn!

Included in the box was so fun and funky headband from LuLuLemon, a Canadian based company.  How cool!  The Kenra hair spray, can I say wow! 

So thankful Dalynn sent these for me to discover!

Loreal True Match Powder and Make up Lotion, something like I've never tried before.  Doesn't give me the pasty look and it's not 'heavy' feeling on my skin.  The Garnier BB Cream, now Ive tried a few, but this doesn't leave me skin feeling like it can't breathe.  

Lip Balms, Mascara, eye shadow, OH My!
Nail Buffer, this has found permanent place in my pickup! 

Mascara!  I love mascara, and am always searching for the perfect one!  The is a gel mascara, and so far I'm enjoying it.  It doesn't run or rub off and seems to last through the day.  In her note Dalynn said 'I think you'll never leave home without your new Babylips', well she was right.  What great lip balm.

This beauty swap was a hit.  I just hope Daylnn had as much fun getting to know each other and picking out stuff.

Oh!  I can't forget the Smarties!  These are another Canadian favorite, and while she didn't open and count she's pretty sure theres got to be 30 Smarties in there in honor of your birthday Crystal!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Skincare Saturday

Sunscreen!!  It's such a simple step to taking care of our skin, but one that sometimes gets forgotten.

I'm a stickler for putting sunscreen on my children, but all too often I forget to put it on myself.  Yesterday was a great example.  We spent most of the day outside fencing, checking cows, playing and messing with horses.  I applied Rodan + Fields sunscreen to my daughters face and arms and my face.  I did not apply to my arms and chest.  Ooops!!  Ladies this stuff works!  My daughters are fair skinned little blonde Norwegian girls, and at the end of the day TC skin wasn't burnt, unlike my chest and arms!

There's several different SPF levels available,  also a mineral base sunscreen.  Let me help you and get you hooked up with some sunscreen for the summer!  We shall all be spending more time outdoors, lets keep taking care of ourselves while having fun!

Here is a link to my website.  Please, shoot me a message or email, or even a text.  I will answer your questions and find the right products for you!

Now get out and enjoy the weather, just don't forget the sunscreen!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

New Opportunity

Well, I've been riding the fence on this for some time, but finally decided to jump in feet first!

I started using Rodan + Fields Soothe on my children awhile back on their eczema.  Oh my goodness!!  It didn't burn them, it cleared it up and has it under control.  Finally relief for my two little blondes.  

I then started using the Reverse line on myself.  Spending lifetime out in the sun has left me with with some sun spots and more.  Though I am wear my hats and sunscreen, stuff happens.

Because of those two things, I am now a R + F consultant.  I decided I needed to share these products with my friends.

Heres a few things to get your interest up:

* Their Soothe line is great for eczema, psoriasis, and daily routine for people with sensitive skin.  I can't say enough about this line, it has been wonderful for my girls.

*  Am loving their sunscreen!  Everyone needs sunscreen, and this is great!

*  R + F Reverse line is working on my face, getting rid of sun spot and discoloration.  

* R + F is now available in Canada!  All my Canadian friends, lets talk and we'll get you signed up early!

Any questions?  I can help you out!

Now I am off to go check heifers and help clean some wheat seed!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Easter Weekend

Easter weekend was a few days of swing set building, checking cows, family dinners, Sunday School program, hiding Easter eggs, and being grateful.

I hope your weekend was all that it was meant to be for you.

Like finding eggs in a haystack.  ha.  ha.  

Everyone hides eggs in/by their farm machinery, right?

Also normal to hide eggs in the field?!

Look close, they found the Easter Bunny while out hunting eggs!

My aunt & grandma, beautiful ladies!

Rockin' the taco hat!  She makes that hat look good!  

Another snapshot of 'there I was...'

Beautiful ladies before their Sunday School program.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April Showers

Spring seems to sprung around here. While I'm always ready and anxious for spring, I have been saying prayers for a good old spring snow storm and wonderful spring rains.

I pray Mother Nature brings the rain and snow to us, but especially to the people of Harding County SD.  The Sheep Draw fire in Harding County is over 10,000 acres, and it's only March.  

So enjoy spring and all that it brings, crocuses, babies, green grass.  But take a moment and say a prayer for April Showers, and for all those fighting wild fires.