Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tally is her name & Mutton Bustin' is her game!

Besides our weekly summer series, we went to several other kids rodeos this summer. Tally participated in the barrels, sucker plucking, keyhole, barrel crawl and MUTTON BUSTIN'!

Last fall was her debut in the mutton busting' and she took first place. She was all about climbing onto the back of another sheep this summer. The first one she rode this summer I think she was more excited that her Papa was going to be there to help and watch her than she was about riding the sheep. She rode that sheep to the ground literally, and won a squirt gun and candy for her efforts.

My little Mutton Buster!

Way to go!

The second one she rode she was a little more apprehensive. I was not at the chute with her, as she did not need her mom! My dad (papa), our good friend Jason and her auntie were with her. I was across the arena videoing. As it was getting closer to her turn she kept repeating 'papa, seriously I am not sure about this. Seriously papa'. Papa and Jason kept telling her tough, she was riding the sheep. She had signed up for it, she was doing it. The banter between the three of them had the chute help and flagger (family friends) laughing and giggling. My sister was hollering at me from across the arena that she was not going to ride. Being the good mom I am I hollered back 'yes she is. Papa will make her. Just promise her a Mountain Dew!'.

She did it~for a Mountain Dew!

She rode the sheep. And got third place. As she got her award she said 'Boy, I'm glad papa made me ride!'.

Very proud of her duffel bag!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Once Again

Once again I am a bad blogger. My blog has taken back seat to combining, haying, irrigating, cows nd kids. Yep, that's my excuse and I am sticking to it! I have a few blog drafts I am working on, but for tonight I thought I would share a couple of pictures from tonight.

Now no judging my parenting. I admit my kids run around half naked during the summer. Partly because they like to. Partly because we live in the country and partly because they have eczema and the sun helps zap it.

My little goat wranglers!

Checking out the horses!