Monday, March 15, 2010

North Dakota Feedlot Given the Go-ahead

An eastern North Dakota cattle feeder was given the green light to proceed with pursuing his restricted feedlot plans.

Plans for the Carrington ND feedlot include feeding imported Canadian cull cows and bulls and then slaughtering them in Minnesota.

A set of guidelines is in the making and must be agreed upon by both State Board of Animal and the feedlot personel. Currently there are not other restriced feedlots in the state of North Dakota and having one maybe an advantage. State veterinarinan Dr. Keller states that a restriced feedlot could be used in the future for when a North Dakota herd tests positive for disease. Having a restrited feedlot would give a producer an opportunity to feed exposed or sick animals instead of immediate slaughter.

Go to Farm and Ranch Guide to read the whole article plus the set guidelines that are in place.

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