Saturday, March 13, 2010

Thinking Spring has Sprung

I am hopeful that Spring has sprung. Snow is melting fast, corrals, yard and driveway are all mud. I have not found any crocus, there is too much snow yet. But the smell of spring is here. No, not the smell of green grass or that sort of thing. I am talking about that distinctive smell of spring melt. That 'wonderful' smell of corrals unthawing. You know that smell. It's close to that feedlot smell, but with this smell it brings hope and excitement. Hope that winter is over and that warmer days are upon us. Excitement at the thought of baby calves soon appearing, crocus' appearing, green appearing and horses shedding. All of it brings smiles to face, happier moods and talk of getting into the field. Garden seed books are arriving in the mail. What a great time of year.

We actually gathered horses this morning and T got to take her first horse ride of the year. Fred seemed to winter pretty well, but we have decided to keep him in for now on hay and grain. He is old and we want to keep him in good shape. T had fun riding and was excited to use her new reins that Santa brought her. She still doesn't have much interest yet in using her stirrups, but that's ok. I am working on getting my sisters' old bareback riggin oiled up and relaced and will start letting her ride with that some. Not only will it help her balance, but it will teach her to hold on. She has no fear and no interest in hanging on whatsoever!

I also am excited to start getting some riding in. Last fall I got to bring my young horse home from dad's house. I haven't gotten to ride him much, as the spring I was going to start him was the spring I was pregnant. Dad has been riding him and the Amish put some rides on him. I can't wait. But I definetly need to put a call into the farrier, the herds hooves need some work.

I am headed out to go enjoy some more sunshine. Think Spring!

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