Tuesday, October 28, 2014

October #ccbeautyswap

Oh my!  What a fun beauty swap this was!  This past month I once again participated in a beauty swap hosted by Crystal who writes the Crsytal Cattle blog (one of my faves) and Ashley from Messy Kennedy ( I am new to her blog, and am enjoying it).   

I was partnered up with Andrea, and have enjoyed getting to know her and put together a box of goodies for her. Andrea is a newlywed, a new mom who lives in Texas and works with 4-H kids.  In fact, one email I received from Andrea she had typed and sent while at the Texas state fair waiting on 4-H kids to judge livestock!

I enjoyed our emails, and the beauty tips she shared, products she loved and how we are both still searching for the perfect mascaras or lipsticks. Through our emails, and the goodie box she sent, Andrea introduced me to several new products to try. 

My first three products she shared are so fun.  I love having my nails painted, and I can never have too many lip products.  I had never tried either of these lip gloss/sticks. The Baby lips is so moisturizing and feels doesn't feel heavy at all. The big lip crayon has yet to be tested, but can't wait. 

Argon oil!  I just recently discovered this for my hair and am in love!  I've used this several times already and will become a staple in my makeup/beauty regimen. 

Hog Wash hand sanitizer. How fun!  It's found its place in my purse already.

BB cream. Wow.  I had never tried and after vision with Andrea I had decided I needed some. Thankfully she sent me one to try.  I've used a couple days now, and am pretty sure I won't run out of this.  Love how easy it is, and how it makes my skin feel and look. 

Oh man!  Working outside, I can never have too much sunscreen or hand cream. This Supergoop stuff is great. 

I have to say I scored in my beauty box, and in gaining a new friend. Thank you Andrea, I am so glad we got matched up!  I had so much fun shopping for you!