Saturday, April 30, 2016

Theres a Bad Moon on the Rise...

Well, there was actually an awesome moon rise the other night, the title is just a catchy tune that plays through my head everytime I want a moon rise.  Ok, let me get back on track here;

The other night while out checking cows, tagginf babies and giving them their evening treat of corn, the girls and I stopped and took in a beautiful moon rise.  

It was absolutely gorgeous!   I wish I would have had my camera with instead of my phone.  Unfortunately, I rarely take it with unless hubby is going and I am in picture taking mode.  

It was so wonderous to watch.  There was homework to be done, goats, rabbits, pigs and dogs to be fed. And let us not forget the kids that needed fed.  But we stopped, we watched and we made a memory.  I need to do that mlre often. 

So, even though the pictures you are looking at are just iPhone quality, the moment spent with my girls is high quality.  Heres to the next 'bad moon on the rise'!  

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

It's That Time of Year!

It's that time of year, that time of year where Mother Nature can't make up her mind from day to day what season she'll drop in us.  

It's that time of year when horse hair is covering every glove, coat and work jeans you own.  

It's that time of year when baby bovines are being born!  I love calving season.   I love the new babies.  I love the sense of rebirth, starting over.  And I love the smile they bring to my kids and my face.  

Unfortunately, very little of my time has been spent tagging babies, or doing much of any spring work.  My time was spent having an unplanned surgery to remove my gallbladder and then of course on the recovery road 'taking it easy and healing'.  I don't sit still very well.  But, I feel a 1000 times better and am back to almost normal activity

Yes, its that time of year.  Time of year of new dreams, hopes and prayers.  And that time of year where you sit straddling a fence, trying to decide what your next plan of action you will attempt on that ticked of heifer in the corral.  

New Adventures of Tally

Things just got a 'weeeee' bit more crazy around here!   Tally is finally old enought to be enrolled in 4H.   In her words 'she has been waiting for this for years'!   2 weekends ago we took a road trip to my home country to pick up her market animal project for the year.  

May I introduce you to Brooks and Dunn.  I do have to say, my kiddos hold a special talent for naming animals!

Tally is super excited about these pigs.  Thee day we picked them up she was on a roller coaster of emotions.  Tears of happiness, fear, and excitement were shed throught the day.  

As she starts her 4H career full of excitement, energy, enthusiasm and drive I pray she carries all that through her 10 years and makes the most of 4H.  I pray she makes so many wonderful memories and friends and takes all that she learns to help her adult years.