Friday, March 12, 2010

Married a Farmer

I know I have mentioned it before, but I shall say it again: I Married A Farmer. Now don't go a'hatin' on me or get the wrong idea; there is nothing wrong with farmers. Farmers are great. We need farmers. I heart farmers. But I am a rancher. I grew up pulling calves, not ditches.

As a kid growing up, I really never had to help with the farming side of the operation my father worked for. Yes, I would have to help load square bales, and haul hay, but that was about it. All aspects of raising cattle I was great hand. Pulling calves. Fixing fence. Sorting, calving, feeding, breeding...well you get the picture.

But now I am married to a farmer. A farmer that irrigates! I knew absolutely nothing about irrigating. There wasn't much for irrigating where I grew up. I sometimes wish I still didn't know anything about irrigating. And truth be told, for all that I have learned, I pretend to be dumb about it. It keeps me out of trouble and I get sent fencing instead of irriagating. Yes it's true, I would rather fence than irrigate. Well, as long as I am not fencing with Big D, but that's another post.

Now Big D is starting a new farming venture: Sugar Beets. I definetly know nothing about that! When we first got together most of his farming was alfalfa that he sold for dairy hay, and some wheat. In these last few years, he has had his alfalfa, his wheat, then some durum, and the last two years was corn. And now sugar beets.

They have been busy searching for sugar beet planters, attending sugar beet meetings and talking about planting and all the prep before they get to start seeding. It seems that our river bottom land is already set up pretty well to accomidate sugar beets, so that is good. I don't know if the beets will be under pivot or on the flood irrigation. If it's on the flood ground, will that take more work irrigating than corn and or aflalfa? I have all kinds of questions about this new adventure of Big D's.

But I am carefully considering how and when to ask my questions. I don't want to be loaded with too much information to where I might be of some use and help! I mean, someone has to stay behind and take care of the cows, kid and dogs!

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