Friday, February 19, 2010

What's a Gal to Do?

Big D left for the weekend. He is attending some fire board training (or so he says) on the other end of the state. I am so excited I wanna get up and do a happy dance!

Don't go a'hating on me. I am just looking forward to a girls weekend. T & I have plans of baking cookies, a few heated games of Hungry Hungry Hippo. Don't feel sorry for her. She is very serious hippo player and takes no prisoners.

We're gonna hang in our comfy clothes. Get some cleaning done. Play in the snow.

Watch what we want. Eat what we want.

Have a picnic in our living room.

We're gonna take a trip to the quilt store with Auntie J. Well, T says we are taking a trip to get ice cream and a balloon. A girl can dream, right?


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