Thursday, February 4, 2010

Black Hills Stock we come!

We are headed south to the Black Hills Stock Show and rodeo! Whooopwhooop!! I am so excited! I haven't been down there for years. I have plans of meeting up with some old college friends and will definetly unexpectadly run into other people I know. Big D is actually going. Which is shocking! We are taking my grandpa and my friend J and her husband (who is my cousin) are going down too. We will meet the rest of my family down there. My friend 'Chief No Talk' (childhood nickname that stuck) is flying up from Colorado. I. Am. Excited!

There is just one problem with this little plan. Mother Nature. She has taken to snowing and there are weather warnings out for tonight and in the morinng. I so hope the pass.

So, hopefully I will have lots to share from the stock show come next week. Which would be better than me writing about wanting to kick Mother Nature's butt!

Maybe I should send her a bottle of wine? Get in her good graces?

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