Saturday, February 20, 2010

Oh, Snap!

I have been blessed with a daughter whos language, speech and understanding is beyond her 3 years. Some people are quite amazed at her speech, and can't imagine where she gets it from. I know where and how she gets it. Her gift of gab comes from all parts of her family tree. Her dad. Her mom. Her grandma. Her papa. Her great-grandpa. Her aunties. The list goes on. Second of all, we never 'baby talked' to her. Third, she has been around adults since she was born, and we have great friends that talk to her, make her mind and play with her. And I don't think there is a shy bone in her body.

She remembers peoples names better than I do. She wants to know everyones name and she has never met a stranger. Instead of asking me who people are she now walks up to them and says "What's your name? " and after you tell her your name she sticks her hand(sometimes the left hand, sometimes the right hand) and says "Mine name's Tally. Nice ta meet ya"

So this brings me to the other night. I was in the kitchen making supper and she came walking up to me and said: "Mama, I just said 'damn it' and that's naughty. What other word can I say thats not naughty so I don't get in trouble." I agreed with her that that word is naughty while making a mental note to watch my language. She thought for a moment and said "I have a great idea, how 'bout I say 'oh, snap' and not 'damn it' and that won't be naughty and I won't get a spanking, k?" I told her that was a great idea. She then spent the next four minutes repeating 'oh, snap. oh, snap' many times!

One would think it would be safe to say, that when she is sleeping, she finally quits talking.

But now she has taken to talking in her sleep. Just like her mom. Her grandma. Her daddy.

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