Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Brucellosis has wreaked havic on Montana's cattle industry the last few years. Everything from marketing, breeding stock, and exporting beef from and around Montana has been affected. It's been the topic of many discussions all over the state and surrounding states.

Right now the Montana Department of Livestock is holding meetings across the state and taking public comment on their proposal of a statewide Official Statewide Vaccination (OCV) for brucellosis. This proposal calls for statewide requirement of OCV for all sexually intact female cattel and bison that will not be slaughtered, but used for breeding.

Currently the state only requires OCV four Montana counties, Beaverhead, Gallatin, Madison and Park. These counties are all part of the brucellosis Designated Surveillance Area. Part of the push for OCV is that it will show Montana is doing all they can to help prevent spreading of brucellosis.

Here is the link to read the full proposal and the address where producers can send in there comments about this proposal.

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