Thursday, February 18, 2010

Halters For Healing

I recieved an email this morning from my friend Glo, asking to check out a website of a friend of hers that makes halters. But there is something special about this guy and these halters. He is a cancer survicor. His mother has been battling cancer for years. He was looking for a way to give back and support research, and so Halters For Healing was born. The idea is simple. As most know, most cancers have a color associated with them to bring awareness. The customer chooses which color of halter they want and a portion of the profit will be sent to organization that supports choosen cancer. Here are the choices:

Cancer Awareness Color Chart
Yellow - Bladder cancer
Grey - Brain cancer
Pink - Breast cancer
White - Cervical cancer
Gold - Childhood cancers
Dark blue - Colon cancer
Burgundy & Ivory - Head & Neck cancer
Lavender - Genera cancer
Kelly Green - Kidney cancer
Orange - Leukemia
Lime Green - Lymphoma
Black - Melanoma
Burgundy - Multiple Myeloma
Teal - Ovarian cancer
Purple - Pancreatic cancer
Blue - Prostate cancer
Light Yellow - Sarcoma/Bone

Check out the website and read his story and check out the Halters for Healing.

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