Sunday, April 17, 2011


Tagging Calves.  That seems to be what our evenings consist of these days.  There are several reasons we tag  choose to tag our calves.  One reason is for identification purposes.  Our cows are tagged with yellow tags, Doug's (husband's partner) are tagged with green, T's are tagged with purple.  Soon, my few blue tags cows will be changed to yellow, as our neighbor has blue tags in his cows, and it will be easier to keep track.  This also helps ensure that each calf gets the correct brand at branding time.

 The calves each get an ear tag with the same number as their mother.  This is done to easily keep track of pairs when working or moving th cow herd.  If a calf has to be brought in and doctored, it makes it simple to go gather the calves mother and bring her in also. 

Tagging also helps us when it come to picking and keeping our replacement heifers. It allows to look at the heifer calf, check her tag number and then look back in our records to see how her mother performed and worked in our herd.  

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