Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Old Man Winter

It was reported on the local news the other day that our area broke over a hundred year old record!  That record is the amount of snowfall in one year.  The old record was from the winter of 1895/1896 with 94.7 inches of snowfall.  Officially in the winter of 2010/2011 we have had 95.1 inches of snow so far!  To put that into perspective our average snowfall is around 43.4 inches of snow a year.  And to put that into more perspective, April is the 8th month in a row we have had snow!!  Needless to say we are all ready for summer and some much needed sunshine!

Looking East towards County Road 
Scott & Try playing in the snow

Middle of March and still tons of snow

Tally is standing on a snowbank that is just as tall as the window in my kitchen!

End of March and it's thawing some.  Tally still had to dig swing out of snow to play with it.

She has been waiting 8 long months to play on her swingset!

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