Saturday, April 16, 2011

Crazy Cowgirl

T had to wear her chinks the other night while we were out tagging calves, because 'Daddy had his cowboy things on."  She was quite cool, and she informed us she was a 'rooting tooting cowboy'.  What a hoot!!

Posing for mom.

Telling us a tale about being a rooting tooting cowboy that lives in the pasture and rides horse.

I think that's the face of 'No dad, you do it like this."

Makes me quite happy my daughter is soaking up all there is to know about ranching and farming.

She was pointing to the 'catfish' she caught with her fishing pole (whip).  According to her it was a 'big mamajama catfish'.  One has to love and admire the imagination of this little girl.

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