Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fred Rides Again

Last weekend my niece came to visit.  Not so much to see her auntie, but to see and ride Fred.  She loves ol' Fred about as much as T does!!  I wonder if Fred knows just how lucky he is?  Since we have had such a long winter, and spring is slow to arrive, this was the first time Fred had been caught this year.  He really didn't look too impressed to me! But he sure did make two little blonde girls quite happy!

Playing in the mud as Dad and Uncle are getting Fred ready.

I think Fred maybe a 100 pounds lighter with all that hair on the ground.

Hailey patiently waiting for Uncle to get Fred saddled.

2 Cuties on a Horse.

And they are off!!

Just riding around!

This is just the first of many rides on Fred for the year!  I hope ol' Fred is up for it.  We pampered him all winter with the best of hay and lots of grain.  Unfortunately Fred is getting old on us, but he is still sound and eager to go.  I hope to keep him around for a couple of more years, but however long Fred gives us, I hope he knows what a big part of our family he is and how much he is loved.

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