Wednesday, April 27, 2011

3 Beautiful Girls!

*For some reason this post did not post when it was scheduled right after Easter, so I am posting it now.*

3 Beautiful Girls!
I got to share my Easter weekend with 3 Beautiful girls.  I am lucky enough to have 3 beautiful girls in my life.  
Even when they have me yelling at them, I am thankful for the 3 beautiful girls in my life.  Actually, I have 4 beautiful girls in my life, but there are only 3 pictured below.  The 4 Beautiful Girls in my life are my nieces Timber Ann and Hailey Jean, and my babies Tally Marie and Tenley Canova.  I am lucky to have 2 beautiful nieces in my life.  And am blessed to have my 2 little miracle babies in my life also.  Oh, and so he doesn't feel left out, I have one handsome nephew, who is also my godson, Mr. Parker Shane.

Tally Marie and Timber Ann


I know you want to pinch her cheeks!

Timber, Tally and Tenley

So pretty!

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