Wednesday, April 21, 2010

No excuses...

What a week it has been! I have been a very bad blogger, and I would apologize, but there is really no need, as I am pretty sure noone reads this crazy blog of mine. But heck, that won't keep me from blogging, cuz I am having fun with it!

So in the last week, I became an auntie again! My (first) Nephew, Parker Shane, was born last Wednesday. He had some problems breathing and he was airlifted to Minot hospital where he has been ever since. He is getting stronger and stronger by the day, and I can not wait to meet him!

Tally was given some bum calves the other night! Yep. That's all I shall say about that as Charley & Thumbalina (the calves) deserve their own post, complete with pictures.

Tally has gotten to ride some in the last week, which has made her very happy. I did take her saddle away from her and she is now riding with a bareback rigging. And, she loves it! You go girl!!

Below is a link to an article I found this morning in the Billings Gazette. It's a great article, and the title explains it pretty well Young Rancher defy trends, return to land. Take a moment and read it, you won't be sorry.

Have a great day! And I promise (to myself at least) to get back on a blogging roll!

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