Thursday, April 22, 2010

Livestock Loss Reduction & Mitigation

As you may or may not know, wolves in Montana is quite the headache and controversy every which way you look at. In 2007, Legislature established the Montana Livestock Loss Reduction & Mitigation program to address economic losses from wolves and to create incentives for producers to take preventative steps to help decrease their losses. The board will be working with all kinds of agencies, both federal and state, to keep the line of communication open and conflicts down. They also will continually be seeking funding sources for current livestock losses and for longterm compensation solutions.

According to their website, the mission of the LLRMB is as follows: To help support Montana Livestock communities by reducing the economic impacts of wolves on individual producers by reimbursing confirmed and probably wolf-caused losses and helping to reduce their losses by approving projects and funding programs that will discourage wolves from killing livestock.

Wanna know more? Their website is:
The also have a facebook page they use to keep producers up to date on deadlines, news, meetings and happenings. Check it out here LLRMB Facebook.

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