Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Farming Widow

It's that time of year already. That time of year where I become a Farming Widow.

The time of year when Big D starts his schedule of early mornings, late nights and being home whenever T and I are not.

My widow status is a special thing at that, it doesn't stop when seeding is done. It lasts through irrigating, swathing, baling, custom farm work, fencing, and harvesting.

Big D and I do wave to each other as we pass each other on the road!

Big D loves what he does. So therefore I have no problem becoming a Farming Widow. Besides, while Big D's schedule has his driving in circles, irrigating, and putting out fires, T and I will spend our time gardening, riding horses, branding, rodeoing, taking swimming lessons, road tripping and enjoying our summer to the fullest.

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