Thursday, April 29, 2010

Clean Water Act, changes coming down the stream?

I pulled this off of the WIFE Facebook page.   If you are not sure what WIFE is, go check them out.  They do some great work, all in the name of Agriculture.   As ranchers and farmers, we must work together to protect out natural resources and ourselves.  If the word change (read below) in the Clean Water Act is passed, it could become a nightmare battle in property rights, personal rights and doing what is best for rancher/farmers personal operatoins. 
*WIFE Member's Letter Published in the Washington Times*
Dear Editor,

I am a Montana rancher and an Area Director for Women Involved in Farm Economics (WIFE.) We are very concerned by Representative Oberstar’s introduction of “America’s Commitment to Clean Water Act.” As farmers and ranchers we are already committed to clean water. It is our lifeblood. Without clean and useable water we cannot produce the food and fiber with which we feed and clothe part of the world.
This bill would remove the word “navigable” from the Clean Water Act of 1972, thus expanding the federal government’s jurisdiction from just navigable waters to all water in the United States. This means the puddles, ponds, and seasonal streams that exist on our property. This could produce a bureaucratic nightmare for us. Through average rains, floods, or draughts, we need to be able to make our own decisions quickly for the survival of our crops and livestock.
Although the name of this bill sounds good, it will not ensure cleaner water. It will hinder economic growth in rural America, place hardships on farmers and ranchers and infringe on state and private property rights. Please ask your Congressmen to vote against this bill.

Shana Baisch
323 Road 300
Glendive, MT 59330

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