Thursday, November 12, 2009

Strange things a'happen'...

I had the day off yesterday from my town job in observance of Veteran's Day. Which was nice. In my head I had the day planned. Do some laundry (ugh), play with T, finish pickin up the yard, get horses in. But plans changed. For the better. Big D surprised me by asking if I wanted to run to town to check out that washer and dryer he had found on sale.

umm...what was that?

Did I hear him right?

I do believe I was in shock.

Here Big D was, throwing an idea out to spend some money. Yes it was something we really needed, and had but looking....BUT it was something for the house. It wasn't a tool. It had nothing to do with tractors. It wasn't a toy for him. I mean, it was actually something for the house! So of course I jumped on the bandwagon. So we loaded up T and headed to town. Ahhah! I knew there was a catch. The washer and dryer, were the same brand. Same color. But not a set match. But I didn't really care, and they were too good of price to pass up. woohoo! So Big D wrote the check, we loaded them up and headed home. And not only did we buy a washer and dryer, they actually got hooked up and are useable. All the same day. I need to go take Big D's temp, make sure he is feeling alright. ORrrrrr, he is playing nice cuz he did something or wants something. C'mon, you know what I mean. Either way, I am thankful. Which comes to the question I was discussing with my friend J, yesterday:

"When did we become old?"

"When did the flip switch so we got excited about washers & dryers & furniture?"

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