Sunday, November 8, 2009

Haying in November?

I checked the calender. I know for a fact last weekend was Halloween. And I still am in shock. We are haying. In November. Or should I say the Big D is haying in November. Down on the river bottom. The Big Green Tractor is a rollin'. It's just crazy. I realize in some parts haying in November is common. But in Montana? Crazy. We have hayed through September. And there has definetly been haying in October. But this is November. The 8th of November. We are talking 18 days from Thanksgiving. I have Halloween decorations all packed up. It's crazy. I am starting to believe when I ask Big D when he thinks we will get to combine all the corn that is still standing, and he answers back "I am thinkin' Christmas Day." that he may just be right. Last night we were supposed to attend a friends 30th birthday party. I am sure they thought I was telling a big fat lie when I said we couldn't make it 'cuz we were a'hayin! It's just plum crazy!

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