Saturday, April 30, 2016

Theres a Bad Moon on the Rise...

Well, there was actually an awesome moon rise the other night, the title is just a catchy tune that plays through my head everytime I want a moon rise.  Ok, let me get back on track here;

The other night while out checking cows, tagginf babies and giving them their evening treat of corn, the girls and I stopped and took in a beautiful moon rise.  

It was absolutely gorgeous!   I wish I would have had my camera with instead of my phone.  Unfortunately, I rarely take it with unless hubby is going and I am in picture taking mode.  

It was so wonderous to watch.  There was homework to be done, goats, rabbits, pigs and dogs to be fed. And let us not forget the kids that needed fed.  But we stopped, we watched and we made a memory.  I need to do that mlre often. 

So, even though the pictures you are looking at are just iPhone quality, the moment spent with my girls is high quality.  Heres to the next 'bad moon on the rise'!  

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