Wednesday, April 27, 2016

New Adventures of Tally

Things just got a 'weeeee' bit more crazy around here!   Tally is finally old enought to be enrolled in 4H.   In her words 'she has been waiting for this for years'!   2 weekends ago we took a road trip to my home country to pick up her market animal project for the year.  

May I introduce you to Brooks and Dunn.  I do have to say, my kiddos hold a special talent for naming animals!

Tally is super excited about these pigs.  Thee day we picked them up she was on a roller coaster of emotions.  Tears of happiness, fear, and excitement were shed throught the day.  

As she starts her 4H career full of excitement, energy, enthusiasm and drive I pray she carries all that through her 10 years and makes the most of 4H.  I pray she makes so many wonderful memories and friends and takes all that she learns to help her adult years.   

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