Thursday, September 29, 2016

Sugar Beet Saga Day #1

Sugar Beet Harvest (which, really should, if not already, have its own hashtag) has officially begun in North East Montana.   There are some changes to this years harvest, one which is with leasing more beet ground, I became the Head Lunch Cook.  Head Lunch Cook reads quite well when you capitalize it.  I shall state right up front, that I would not be able to pull this head cook/bottle washing job off with out an abundance of help with the baking, menu planning and helping deliver.  Though, I am quite suspicious no one has volunteered to come help me do dishes!   

Defoliated beets waiting to be dug
Now, I always try to take pictures.  Pictures of harvest, planting, seeding, calving, weaning, growing, irrigating..... and any another 'ing' word associated with farming.
Beet harvest is a great example of team work

Before and after defoliation

But besides the fun farming and ranching pictures I may take, there is always the ugly pictures.  The pictures you that whole the truth.  The pictures that are real.  The pictures that make you go 'yep.  I totally understand'.    Well below I have 2 of those real, real harvest pictures.  Proceed only if you are brave.

Roaster Liner!! I forgot the bleeping roaster liner!!!!  And so now my roaster shall sit, overnight soaking.  The whole time I will be praying I have no scraping and scrubbing to do.

How do I only have 2 serving spoons?  2!!!  Though it was pointed out to me, that a certain friend knew this about me so this is why she now incorporates a spoon into any gift she gives me.

Sugar Beet Saga will continue tomorrow....

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