Thursday, May 26, 2011

It Was Brought To My Attention

Awhile back I did a few blog posts about the horses that are standing out in my pasture.  On one particular post I told you all about 6pack, the baby in my herd.  I touched a little on how I have Squirt (the palamino in the first pictures on this post) who is a half brother to 6pack.  It was brought to my attention that I had forgotten to mention another half brother to my 6pack.  I searched high and low on my computer for a picture or two of 6packs other brother and finally found a couple I thought I would share with you.  

So without further ado, I would like to introduce you to Sheriff .  There are three reasons I can come up with on why I forgot about him.  1.  I always forget that Sheriff and 6pack share the same father.  2.  He's my sisters horse, and lives at her house, not mine.  3.  I don't ride Sheriff.

Roping at the BRBR in the Cave Hills of SDakota.

My sister, Taryn Jo, bought Sheriff as a colt from our neighbor down on the Powder River, and broke him as part of a college class.  Since she was a kid, I have often said that she has a special touch when it comes to training dogs and horses, and this horse is more proof for my theory.  So lets hope 6pack turns out as good as Sheriff, if not a little better!  

Going in for the heel shot.  Sheriff is also her breakaway horse.

Taryn and Sheriff leading Dad's rope horse Indain.  Timber warming up Dad's other rope horse Shambo.
*It was brought to my attention, that I don't know Taryn's horses at all.  She is leading her other horse Camo, not dads horse.*

Even though I can't seem to find the pictures, you have to know she uses Sheriff on the ranch for whatever needs to be done.  He really isn't scared of much, but he doesn't really care for kids.  Which is fine, since Taryn has none, and her nieces already have their own mounts!

Taryn & Sheriff, Timber & Shambo at the 2010 Days of '85 Parade in Ekalaka.

So now to close this post I shall ask Taryn Jo one question;  "Happy Dear?"  haha

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