Saturday, May 7, 2011


Meet 6Pack.  The baby of my herd.  Actually she is in my herd, but truthfully she is my dad's horse.  But we like to share.  6Pack is the last of line.  Years ago, my grandpa had a buckskin quarter horse team named Ned and Nelly.  All his life grandpa wanted a buckskin saddle horse, so when Nelly came up lame and could no longer be put under harness and pull the wagon, he had her bred.  We got 4 colts out of Nelly; Whistler(buckskin), Streaker(buckskin), Dusty(palamino), and Elvira(buckskin).  I got some good and sad stories about these horses, but that's another post.  Several years ago I rode a horse for a guy and got paid and recieved a stud fee.  Dad and I bred Elvira and Squirt (#5 and palamino) was born.  The next year Dad and I took Elvira and had her bred by the neighbors stud and #6 was born.  Therefore we named her 6pack.   I didn't get to put any rides on her myself last summer as I was pregnant, but I can't wait to start riding her!  

Such a sweetie.

She is a duplicate of her uncles, just a little daintier and more feminine.

I can't wait to start riding her!  I have big hopes!

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