Friday, May 6, 2011

Doctoring Dingy

We gathered the horse herd the other week, as our horseshoer was coming to make their feet look pretty.  This in only the second time I have seen my horses since before Christmas.  We had a long hard snowy winter and the remuda got snowed in in the back pasture and we couldn't get to them.  So needless to say, the horses survived the winter on their own.  They came in a little skinny, but they don't look half bad.  On a normal year (less snow and no new baby and no surgery for me) the horses would have been gathered awhile ago and I would have long since been riding.  But, I couldn't so they weren't.  

Cody, the horseshoer, does an excellent job, and I am so thankful I have found him.  It has taken me 6 years to find a good horseshoer in this country.  He did find an abcess on Dingy's back hoof, so Tally and I had to do some doctoring.

Soaking her hoof in some epsom salt.

My trusty assistant patiently waiting to help.

All doctored up with a shiny new hoof! 

Yes, sir!  That there is duct tape on her hoof!!  

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