Monday, May 10, 2010

Whatta Weekend

What a weekend, it flew by too fast!  We branded at Iversons Saturday morning.  Ol' Dick must have a direct line to the big guy up above, because the sun shone all day, and there wasn't much wind.  First time in over a week!  After we got the calves all done, and enjoyed some of Connie's good cooking, alot of us rushed home to shower and get ready for our friend Beau's surprise 30th birthday.  What a party it was.  Due to a train derailement, the guest of honor and his wife were almost 2 hours late, due to the detour they had to take. But the rest of us were enjoying some drinks and a grand supper, so noone really got unruly.

Sunday was Mother's Day, and the wind and cold were back with a vengence.  Big did take a half hour before he left to go and try to farm and haul in some dirt for my new garden spot.  He did get some seeding done before he got rained out. 

I hope you all remembered to wish your mothers a very Happy Mothers Day!

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