Thursday, May 6, 2010

Very Merry Month of May

May typically is a busy month around here.  Spring is thinking about arriving, calving is going full swing or about over.  People are thinking about branding, and going around fences in summer pasture.  School graduations, track meets, anticipation of backyard barbeques and summer fun and the Kentucky Derby.  But did you know that May is also:
*National Beef Month
*National Hamburger Month
*National Barbeque Month
*National Asparagus Month

So, in honor of all that above below is some of my favorite ways to beef and aparagus using my grill.  *note to reader, I am a simple cook, so don't be expecting anything to over the top, but do expect over the top flavor and goodness*

*Ribs Take 1*
Take ribs and rub yellow mustard or spicey brown mustard on both sides of ribs.
Take and sprinkle choice of seasoning onto mustard covered ribs.  I enjoy Johnny's Season Salt or Lawry's Season Salt.  Big D leans more towards Slap Yo' Mama seasoning.
Place ribs on preheated grill, on low.  The trick (we have found) is to cook them low and slow. 

*Ribs Take 2*
Take ribs and rub choice of seasoning on both sides of ribs.
Place ribs on preheated grill and cook on low. 
Pour apple juice, apple cider or apple vinegar into spray bottle.  Every half hour or so, spray the ribs generously to keep them from drying out.  Remember, low and slow.

*My Kinda Steak*
I prefer my steak grilled to medium rare.  Yummo! Take your choice of steak and if you so choose, sprinkle seasoning onto steak.  Sometimes I do.  Sometimes I don't.  Just depends on my mood (according to Big D)! Place beautiful steak on grill and cook 5-6 minutes on first side.  Then flip and cook 3-4 minutes.  Of course the cooking times all depends on how you prefer your steak to be cooked.  If you are not sure how hot or fast your grill is cooking, start with shorter times, and increase until desired doneness is acheived. 

*Grilled Asparagus*
Snap off ends of aparagus and wash.  Coat asparagus in olive oil and season with salt and pepper to taste.  Place right onto grill or into grilling basket.  3-4 minutes and asapragus should be done.  It cooks really fast, so don't allow it to burn, unless you like burnt asparagus.

Like I mentioned above, I am just a simple cook, that likes to experiment.  Ribs have been at the top of our experimenting list, and are trying all sorts of new techniques and seasoning methods.  Any tips you would like to share?

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