Saturday, April 18, 2015

Skincare Saturday

Sunscreen!!  It's such a simple step to taking care of our skin, but one that sometimes gets forgotten.

I'm a stickler for putting sunscreen on my children, but all too often I forget to put it on myself.  Yesterday was a great example.  We spent most of the day outside fencing, checking cows, playing and messing with horses.  I applied Rodan + Fields sunscreen to my daughters face and arms and my face.  I did not apply to my arms and chest.  Ooops!!  Ladies this stuff works!  My daughters are fair skinned little blonde Norwegian girls, and at the end of the day TC skin wasn't burnt, unlike my chest and arms!

There's several different SPF levels available,  also a mineral base sunscreen.  Let me help you and get you hooked up with some sunscreen for the summer!  We shall all be spending more time outdoors, lets keep taking care of ourselves while having fun!

Here is a link to my website.  Please, shoot me a message or email, or even a text.  I will answer your questions and find the right products for you!

Now get out and enjoy the weather, just don't forget the sunscreen!

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