Tuesday, April 14, 2015

New Opportunity

Well, I've been riding the fence on this for some time, but finally decided to jump in feet first!

I started using Rodan + Fields Soothe on my children awhile back on their eczema.  Oh my goodness!!  It didn't burn them, it cleared it up and has it under control.  Finally relief for my two little blondes.  

I then started using the Reverse line on myself.  Spending lifetime out in the sun has left me with with some sun spots and more.  Though I am wear my hats and sunscreen, stuff happens.

Because of those two things, I am now a R + F consultant.  I decided I needed to share these products with my friends.

Heres a few things to get your interest up:

* Their Soothe line is great for eczema, psoriasis, and daily routine for people with sensitive skin.  I can't say enough about this line, it has been wonderful for my girls.

*  Am loving their sunscreen!  Everyone needs sunscreen, and this is great!

*  R + F Reverse line is working on my face, getting rid of sun spot and discoloration.  

* R + F is now available in Canada!  All my Canadian friends, lets talk and we'll get you signed up early!

Any questions?  I can help you out!

Now I am off to go check heifers and help clean some wheat seed!

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