Thursday, October 4, 2012

What a Great Hump Day!

Yesterday was a great day!!!

* It rained! All day it rain! There are puddles of water everywhere and the roads are muddy! I actually put my pickup on 4 wheel drive yesterday! What a great feeling.

* I won!! The South Dakota Cowgirl had a contest over on her blog to celebrate 2000 fans, and I won! I was one of three lucky winner and recipient of one of he writing journals! I can't wait I get it

* My dad called Leroy (an Amish friend who happens to also be a saddle maker) and got my name on list for a saddle. That's right! I'm biting the bullet and getting myself a saddle built.

* It was youth group night at our church and I am helping with that again this year. Hanging out with those kids and making plans for the year was a great way to end the day. They always seem to reenergize me and get things on focus and remember what's important.

Yep! I do declare yesterday as a great day!!

Enjoy your Thursday!

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