Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sugarbeet Harvest 2012

This is just the beginning. The beginning of a long Sugarbeet harvest. Digging beets is like no other harvest I have been around. A Sugarbeet grower is at the mercy of the weather and the Sugarbeet factory. If it gets to warm, they shut us down. If its too wet, they shut us down and so on and so forth.

The beet dump opened at 7:00 am this morning. We had defoiliated and dug enough beets to fill our trucks sober were ready to dump right away this morning.

We had a good day. No major breakdowns. Things were going quite smoothly. Until we got the phone call that 'they' were shutting beet harvest down until sometime next week. You see, it's way to warm out. It's beautiful out. Which is not good when digging beets. It has to do with them letting their sugar down and how well they don't store when dug above certain temps. So now we sit and wait.

I took a few photos of the beet dump this morning as we drove by. They aren't the best as we were a ways a way and I took them with my phone.

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