Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Gratulerer med dagen

Gratulerer med dagen to me!

Today is my *coughcough* 29th birthday, and Gratulerer med dagen (loosely translated) means Happy Birthday in Norwegian!

My kids and hubby did wake me up this morning by singing to me and giving me big bear hugs.  Great way to start any day!

My big birthday plans?  well, they include my chores and probably some laundry.  Then its my day to head out across the river and visit with my grandpa while doing his laundry and cleaning his house.  He usually has a to do list ready for me also.  Then it will be back home to meet the school bus and hearing about T's big day at school.

T and her dad did declare they were making supper tonight!  Thats a treat in itself!

Here's to another birthday!  Hope you all have a blessed day like me!

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