Friday, July 20, 2012

So, how was your day?

I have several posts written, need to do some editing. So tonight I gonna do something new, if not a little crazy.

When asked the question; 'How was your day?' or 'So, what did you do today?' how do you answer? Wel, I am going to answer that question(s) now.

What did I do today? Well let me tell you.

1. Woke up, got myself ready for the day. Threw a load of laundry in.
2. Snuck out and did chores while girls were still sleeping.
3. Woke girls up, got them ready and made them breakfast.
4. Put roast in crock pot and loaded dishwasher.
5. Packed diaper bag and loaded girls into to take them to babysitter.
6. Forgot to load flat tire so turned around and went home and got it
7. Tire and girls dropped off.
8. Husband had gathered heifers this morning, and it's was my job to haul them to new pasture.
9. Loaded first load onto trailer. Crap, bad tire on trailer.
10. Unloaded heifers. Need to change tire.
11. Can't get all the lug nuts loose on tire. My cousin came and rescue.
12. Ok, new tire on.
13. Load heifers again. Haul them to new pasture and head home for second load.
14. Get second load of heifers loaded. Take second and last load to pasture then head back home.
15. Run into house switch laundry, pack myself lunch, water jug. Oh, can't forget iPod.
16. Head to hay field.
17. Spend next 6 hours making hay! I was round baling which I prefer over baling big square bales.
18. Husband shows up at field to relive me. He picked up the girls on way out to field.
19. Load girls in my pickup and head home dreaming of how good that roast in the crockpot is going to smell and taste.
20. Get home. Don't smell anything. Forgot to plug crockpot in. I hate when I do that. Frozen pizza for supper it is.
21. Girls fed, washed, bedtime stories and in bed.
22. I pour myself a drink and head outside to weed garden, feed dog and take care of bum calves.
23. I make myself another drink!

Such is a day in my life as a ranch woman, farm wife, mama, woman!

This mam is going to bed!

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