Friday, July 27, 2012

If it weren't for bad luck....

If it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all!

That line (which I remember from Hee-Haw!) is the best way to describe my last two weeks.

It all started with a flat tire on my pickup. Not so bad. But the three flat tires on the stock trailer was enough to make me mad!! Tires all fixed up in the trailer now, including one new tire.

Next came my baling fiasco. On a Wednesday, I went to bale. I made one bale and broke the baler down. It wasn't that bad of breakdown (but any breakdown sucks) as I just busted a link on the chain. Hubby got new chain link next morning and got me fixed up. So that Thursday morning I took off baling. I made one bale and broke the valet, again! The hubby was not impressed! Though after everyone took their turns on giving me hell over my baling record, I learned the sprocket on the pickup was pretty wore out and they were hoping to make it through the day baling. No chance of that when this mamas baling!

*I am happy to report that after the got the baler up and going, I made over 500 bales in the next two and a half days, with hubbies help. We were tag teaming the baler!*

This past Tuesday was the icing on the cake!! That morning I took Big T and little T and dropped them of at babysitters. I went home, catch my horse, saddled up and went to go gather my bunch of dry cows and late callers. The whole gathering, sorting and loading trailers was quite I eventful.

I was taking a trailer load of dry cows to the sales barn. On my way, I needed to stop at the brand inspectors house. Well I stopped. And the biggest downpour of the summer happened upon us. It was nasty!

After it quit, I headed out and on my way to town to drop off cows. Or so I thought. Pulling up out of his yard, I spun out about about 3/4 way up the hill. There I sat. I said a prayer and s few choice words. Long story short, we ended up having to unload cows and trail to neighbors corral for the night. I took his pickup home and we left mine sitting on the hill. After it drive up some last night he was able drive it up the rest of the way and back to his house.

I think I am ready for my luck to change!

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