Wednesday, July 11, 2012

10 Days From A Drought

As far back as my memory goes, I have heard the words 'This country is always just 10 days from a drought' said time and time again. As a child I didn't know what that phrase meant, just that it was one of those sayings that grandpa and dad were always spouting off.

Well, it didn't take too many years for this girl to figure it out! Las night as we were at the arena and I was visiting with some neighbors about how bad we could use some rain, the lack of hay, and the bad shape the crops are in, I found myself saying 'ya know, this country is always just 10 days from a drought.'!

We are scrounging around trying to put up hay. The dry conditions are not just here in northeast Montana. My father lives about 200 miles south of me. Last year off one hay field (I don't recall how many acres) he got 1000 round bales bales up. This year, on that same field, he didn't even swathe it. So last year 1000 bales, this year 0 bales.

I just took some pictures of a newly swathes windrow.

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